S. Speed     A. Agility     B. Balance


When I was a young athlete, I always wondered how the other athletes I played against got to be so good.  I figured that some of them had a natural ability, but others had extra help.  Unfortunately, I learned this too late in my collegian career.  As I begin to do more research on how to become faster, have better balance, improve my agility, and gain inches on my vertical, I found that each time you work on one of these aspects, the others also get trained.  Therefore, the important thing to know is how to train.

Trainings will focus mostly on the three core components….SAB (Speed, Agility, and Balance).  From this, you will begin to see profound results  in…

  • Form running

  • Vertical Jump

  • Speed and Quickness in all directions

  • Explosiveness

  • Mental conditioning

  • Resistance Training

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  1. Susan Kingston says:

    Awesome job Aaron. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the boys. Colton loves the training.

  2. John says:

    My 8yr. old son has done this the last 2 years and it has helped him tremendously in all areas. We live in Atlanta and it is well worth the drive and money! Thanks Aaron, great work!

    • John, thanks for your support. Would love to have Graydon come anytime. it’s great to see someone so young with so much dedication. Looking forward to seeing you guys again this 2013 summer.

  3. Gene mcadams says:

    Just watched your program and was impressed. Keep up the good job. Gene

  4. Clorinda mason says:


    What is the cost per session/month?
    I have a 9 year old girl that plays for Coast FA.

    Thank you
    Clorinda Mason

    • Hi Clorinda,
      The pricing is listed on the “pricing page” on the website. It lists out many different packages. Please look there and/or give me a call. My phone number is on the home page of the website.

  5. Heather M. Bryant says:

    This is awesome training for all athletes!
    My 3 sons love Aaron’s coaching style. We’re seeing the benefits and very thankful to have the opportunity to receive such training! Thank you Aaron for bringing this training to Coast FA!

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